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eMedTV Health Topics A-Z

Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma - Medroxyprogesterone Subcutaneous Injection

This page contains links to eMedTV Health Topics containing information on subjects from Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma to Medroxyprogesterone Subcutaneous Injection. The information is organized alphabetically; the "Favorite Articles" contains the top articles on this page. Links in the box will take you directly to the articles; those same links are available with a short description further down the page.
Favorite Health Topics
Descriptions of Health Topics
  • Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma
    Malignant fibrous histiocytoma is characterized by a tumor developing in soft tissue or bone. This eMedTV article offers a detailed overview of this rare condition, with information about its symptoms, treatment options, prognosis, and more.
  • Malignant Mesothelioma
    Malignant mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that is often the result of exposure to asbestos. This eMedTV segment gives an overview of this condition, including possible symptoms, making a diagnosis, treatment options, and more.
  • Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma
    Malignant pleural mesothelioma is a rare cancer that affects the thin layer of tissue that covers the lungs. This eMedTV article takes an in-depth look at this disease, including information about its risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, and more.
  • Mangosteen
    Mangosteen is a type of fruit that may have several medicinal benefits. This eMedTV Web article offers a complete overview of this product, including information on its possible medicinal properties, potential side effects, and general safety concerns.
  • Manic Depression
    People suffering from manic depression experience radical shifts in mood, energy, and ability to function. This eMedTV resource discusses the cycles associated with the condition, including symptoms of manic episodes and depression episodes.
  • Maprotiline
    Maprotiline is a common drug licensed for treating depression. This eMedTV Web page discusses these uses in more detail, explains how the medication works, describes possible side effects that may occur, and offers links to specific information.
  • Maqui Berry
    Containing a high antioxidant content, maqui berries are commonly used in various health products. This eMedTV article takes a look at the claimed benefits of this fruit. It also discusses some safety precautions and explores its effectiveness.
  • Maraviroc
    Maraviroc is a prescription drug that is licensed for treating HIV and AIDS. This selection from the eMedTV Web site explains how the drug works, describes its effects, and offers general dosing tips and precautions.
  • Marfan Syndrome
    Marfan syndrome is an inheritable condition that affects the body's connective tissues. This eMedTV segment provides more information about this syndrome, including its causes, symptoms, treatment options, and prognosis.
  • Marinol
    Marinol is used to stimulate the appetite in people who have AIDS. As this eMedTV segment explains, it can also be used to treat chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. This page provides a detailed look at this drug's uses, side effects, and more.
  • Marlissa
    Marlissa is a type of birth control pill. This selection from the eMedTV Web site contains details on how this combined oral contraceptive works, covers dosing instructions, lists possible side effects, and more.
  • Marplan
    Marplan is a medication that is prescribed to treat depression when other antidepressants have failed. This eMedTV page explains why doctors hesitate to prescribe this drug and provides information about the product's dosing guidelines and side effects.
  • Marqibo
    A chemotherapy drug, Marqibo is approved to treat a certain type of leukemia. This Web page takes a closer look at this prescription drug, with information on specific uses, dosing tips, how it works, and potential side effects.
  • Mavik
    Mavik is a drug that can be used to treat high blood pressure. This eMedTV Web page lists other Mavik uses (such as lowering the risk of developing congestive heart failure symptoms after a heart attack), as well as possible side effects of the drug.
  • Maxair
    Maxair is commonly prescribed to prevent or treat bronchospasms in people with asthma or COPD. This eMedTV article takes an in-depth look at this medication, including approved uses, effects, dosing guidelines, and possible side effects.
  • Maxalt
    Maxalt is a prescription drug often used to treat a migraine headache as it occurs. This page from the eMedTV Web site explains in detail how this drug works, its potential side effects, tips on when and how to take it, and more.
  • Maxidex
    Maxidex is an eye drop prescribed to treat swelling of the eyes and eyelids due to certain eye conditions. This eMedTV article provides an overview of this medicine, including details on how it works, potential side effects, dosing tips, and more.
  • Maxidone
    Maxidone is a type of pain reliever that is only available by prescription. This selection from the eMedTV Web site describes the drug in more detail, including information on how it works, potential side effects, and general dosing guidelines.
  • Maxipime
    Maxipime is a prescription antibiotic medicine used to treat certain types of infections. This eMedTV Web page features an overview of important features of this drug, including when it is prescribed, how it is given, side effects, and more.
  • Maxzide
    Maxzide is approved for the treatment of high blood pressure and fluid retention. This segment of the eMedTV library offers a detailed look at the drug, including how it works, dosing information, precautions and warnings, and side effects.
  • Measles (Health Channel Home)
    Measles results when a person becomes infected with the measles virus. This health channel on the eMedTV Web site offers a wealth of information on the subject and also explains how to navigate the page to find specific information.
  • Measles (Overview Article)
    Measles is a viral disease characterized by high fever, cough, and a red, blotchy rash. This portion of the eMedTV archives explains statistics about measles and discusses the transmission, symptoms, and possible complications of this disease.
  • Measles Virus
    The measles virus causes measles; however, this virus is inactivated by heat, light, and acidic pH. This eMedTV Web page explains the history and transmission of the virus and discusses the potential complications of measles.
  • Mecasermin
    Mecasermin is a hormone-replacement drug used to treat children of short stature. This eMedTV page presents an overview of this prescription medicine, including when it is used, how it is given, and what to expect during treatment.
  • Mechlorethamine
    By disrupting DNA replication, mechlorethamine can help treat certain types of cancer. This eMedTV page contains an overview of this prescription drug, including specific uses, how it is given, possible side effects, and more.
  • Meclizine
    Meclizine is an antihistamine drug commonly used for treating motion sickness and vertigo. This eMedTV Web page describes how the product works, explains when and how to take it, and lists some of its potential side effects.
  • Medicine
    This eMedTV page defines an off-label use as one where a physician prescribes a medication to treat a condition, even though the FDA has not approved the medicine for that specific use. This page also discusses guidelines for off-label uses.
  • Medroxyprogesterone
    Medroxyprogesterone is a drug that helps prevent pregnancy, treat irregular vaginal bleeding, and more. This eMedTV segment talks about this medication in detail, with information on its effects in the body, how it is given, and what to expect.
  • Medroxyprogesterone Intramuscular Injection
    Medroxyprogesterone intramuscular injection is prescribed to prevent pregnancy and reduce cancer symptoms. This eMedTV resource explains how this synthetic hormone works, lists potential side effects, and describes when and how it is administered.
  • Medroxyprogesterone Subcutaneous Injection
    Medroxyprogesterone subcutaneous injection is given to prevent pregnancy and relieve endometriosis pain. This eMedTV page takes a closer look at how this drug works, dosing tips, and general safety concerns to be aware of before receiving this shot.
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