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Understand and Manage Your Cancer Diagnosis
Our expert team of doctors and pharmacists receive many questions about Cancer Diagnosis. Many of these questions are from individuals seeking information about Understand and Manage Your Cancer Diagnosis, as well as dietary and lifestyle changes thay can make to improve their ED symptoms. The following questions deal with Cancer Diagnosis treatments, lifestyle changes, and dietary advice. Click on the questions below to see the answers.
My friend was recently diagnosed with leukemia. While doing some Internet research on his condition, I found some info claiming that marijuana can cure cancer. I know it sounds too good to be true, but at the same time, I don't want my friend to miss out on a treatment that could potentially help. Is it true that marijuana can kill cancerous cells in people with leukemia?
I don't want to sound paranoid, but I have a couple of moles that just don't look right to me. What are the signs that a mole could be skin cancer?
I'm worried that the radiation used to treat my prostate cancer may cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect. I know I should just ask my doctor about this, but I'm embarrassed. Is it true I may suffer from erectile dysfunction after radiation treatment?
My sister's chemotherapy is going well, but she did mention something the other day that made me curious. She said that at her next appointment, she would be getting a chemotherapy port to make her treatments easier. What is a chemotherapy port, and how is it attached?
My cancer diagnosis was a huge wake-up call. I'm now willing to do whatever it takes to improve my health. Will changing my diet and increasing my exercise improve my cancer treatment outcome?
My period has always been irregular. I recently read something about a possible link between irregular periods and ovarian cancer, and now I'm getting a little worried. Do irregular periods put me at risk for ovarian cancer?
I'm not sure my doctor has explained all the treatment options for my triple-negative breast cancer. Where can I find out about other treatment options for my condition?
As a result of my cancer treatment, I've lost my sense of taste! I'd like to know more about this bizarre side effect. For example, will my sense of taste return after I've finished treatment?
I want to take a more active role in my health. This includes being screened for different types of cancer. What tests are offered for early cancer detection?
The cost of cancer treatment in this country is mind boggling! Is there any help to pay for cancer treatment?
I was just diagnosed with cancer, and I'm completely freaked out! Are there any ways to reduce my anxiety?
I used to be such a confident person. Since my mastectomy, however, that confidence has fallen by the wayside. Not only do I not feel good about how my body looks -- I also worry that my partner will no longer find me desirable. How do I overcome my body and intimacy issues since having a mastectomy?
What exactly is a colostomy? My doctor said that my cancer treatment will likely involve this option at some point.
When my mom first got sick, I had no problem being her primary caregiver. Things have gotten worse lately -- we're now dealing with dementia and metastatic breast cancer. It's clear that I can no longer handle this on my own. Are there caregivers that can help?
I've heard that some cancer treatments can cause infertility. This troubles me, since I've always wanted to have children. How do I deal with the possibility of infertility due to my cancer treatments?
I start cancer treatment soon. I feel like I'm ready, but to be honest, I'm terrified that it might cause me to lose my ability to support myself. Will I be able to work while undergoing cancer treatment?
Recently, a friend of mine gained some weight while undergoing chemotherapy for her cancer. Is this normal?
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